The new Apple iPad2
A new app allows businessmen to access corporate white papers. Reuters

A new app for the Apple iPad gives users access to more than 6,000 corporate white papers in the business and technology fields.

In what is surely good news for tree-hugging environmentalists everywhere, an iPad user can call up and read a company's white paper without the time-consuming task of calling a company's corporate communications department and waiting for a PDF document to hit his email inbox. Not to mention waiting for the printer to churn out pages.

The new app was created by the British firm IDG Connect in association with Oracle and is free of charge. Tablet technology is changing the way users access information, the chief executive of IDG Connect, John O'Malley, said. This in turn is having an impact on the way marketers publish and distribute their content. We hope this application will help give B2B marketers the chance to connect with a wider range of IT professionals and give readers the flexibility to locate business content whenever they need it.

Corporate white papers are one of the oldest, most reliable, but perhaps least splashy ways for companies to market their know-how and research. Taking this old-line form and placing it into an easily accessible format is a boon for research-heavy technology and marketing firms.

Alongside the app comes a new iZone storage area that includes, besides white papers, other forms of business content like videos. Oracle has exclusive sponsorship of the iZone for three months, according to IDG Connect.