It seems like this year is the time for some of the market’s most boring phones if we are to consider available information about the iPhone 11 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. 

In fact, according to Forbes, this year’s flagship lines of the two most powerful smartphone brands in the world are nothing short of mediocre. The Cupertino giant’s next smartphone line is known for getting so many negative media lately, with reports saying that the next flagship iPhone has nothing exciting to offer its customers. 

The supposed new features are overshadowed by people anticipating how ugly the triple-camera system at the back of the phone is going to be. This, and the fact that there’s nothing particularly new or groundbreaking that one can expect from the new phone. 

The iPhone 11 will most likely look the same as the 2018 lineup based on reliable reports from Apple insiders like Ming-Chi Kuo. The difference would mostly be on the features which include more advanced cameras in the form of the infamous triple-camera module, a better front-facing camera, a redesigned logic board which will house an A13 chip for faster performance and the very real possibility of better battery life. 

Apart from these, some analysts are actually suggesting to just wait one more year for the release of what’s looking to be an excellent iPhone 12 next year. Knowing what to expect from Apple this year, some are wondering if Apple should be worried about its competition, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Well, not really. 

Per the Forbes report, since the Galaxy Note 10 had an early launch, one can clearly see how it would compare to the iPhone 11. The Samsung phablet also has a triple-lens arrangement, so we’ll most likely see a more detailed match once the new iPhone drops. 

As for software, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is arguably better but with Apple’s new logic board, some are anticipating a good fight once the new iOS smartphone makes its appearance. The Galaxy Note 10 also has the S-Pen, which is unique in its way but interestingly, Apple could also be gearing towards an iPhone 11 with Apple Pencil support this September since it will follow the path of Apple’s iPad series. 

And perhaps Apple’s biggest advantage is that the iPhone 11 is expected to run with the newest OS. Having its own operating system has worked for the California company for years, while Samsung is arguably still at the mercy of Google’s Android system. 

Whatever the new iOS system would bring might just give Apple the right edge to succeed in this year’s most sophisticated smartphone competition.