There are only a few months to go before the supposed launch of this year’s iPhone 11. But if recent news of the new iOS smartphone is any indication, it would seem practical to wait for the 2020 lineup instead. 

According to a report from Forbes, people should hold off buying a new iPhone until next year when the better choices are made available to the public. This year’s iPhone 11 lineup has been described as “Apple’s ugliest model in years” and that some solid improvements don’t actually make up for some missing upgrades expected in Apple’s latest flagship phones. 

Per Forbes, there is solid information available regarding next year’s phone. Most of it comes from a CNBC news report, which was able to get a note from JPMorgan that basically detailed what it already knows about the Cupertino giant’s 2020 phones. The statement confirmed some exciting information on next year’s lineup such as 5G connectivity and the return of the smaller, more convenient phones. 

JPMorgan shared that Apple will be resizing premium iPhones from 5.8 inches to around 5.4 inches. On the other hand, Max iPhones could get bigger with phones ranging from 6.5 inches becoming 6.7 inches, while the XR will retain its current size. 

Aside from size changes, OLED panels will become a standard in 2020 iPhones. And thanks to a recent deal with Qualcomm that admittedly led to the expected innovative changes in the iPhone 11, the 5G network will be made available in all 2020 iPhones. Previous speculations claimed that the network upgrade won’t be available on the XR. 

“At least two of the three models (are) adopting world facing 3D Sensing (Time of Flight) driving industry-leading AR/VR capabilities which can be leveraged by custom built applications (including games),” the JPMorgan note also said. 

All of these expected features are just making it easier to hold off on this year’s iPhone lineup. But just in case you can’t wait, there are a few fantastic offerings that can be expected from this year’s flagship line. This includes enhanced camera thanks to the triple-camera module and the much-improved battery life, the biggest improvement in years.