• Apple has not released a statement about the launch of the iPhone 13
  • Leaks claim the new range will be launched in September 2021
  • Tech experts believe it may cost between $699 to $1,099 ​

Rumors that Apple will be launching the flagship iPhone 13 by the end of this year have gained the attention of many social media users who have taken to the various platforms to react about the same.

Apple is expected to launch iPhone 13 in September, Tom’s Guide reported. The rumors have been circulating for a few weeks now, even though Apple has not released an official statement about the launch of the device.

Nevertheless, social media users and technology enthusiasts have compiled iPhone 13’s supposed features from various sources. In a tweet shared by a Twitter user, iPhone 13’ is rumored to include: 120hz display, astrophotography, A15 Bionic chip, improved camera, 8K video output, cooling system, and longer battery life.

The YouTube channel EverythingApplePro EAP features an exclusive video detailing all the other leaked upgrades of the iPhone 13.

Forbes had recently cited in a report that the iPhone 12 had a couple of issues, including some medical implications. Apple had introduced Magsafe magnets in the iPhone 12 range; however, they reportedly have the potential to interfere with implanted defibrillators and pacemakers. Leaked information claimed the iPhone 13 range would not have Magsafe magnets.

Considering that iPhone 12 only dropped in October 2020, social media users have been quite surprised by the rumors regarding iPhone 13’s release.

“Two weeks back iPhone 12 was released now iPhone 13 is out....yerrrr,” a netizen said.

“ How do I explain to my cousin who went to get an iPhone 12 just to oppress us that iPhone 13 is out?” wrote another Twitter user.

Apple’s iPhones are not cheap and people are concerned about the price of the new range.

“iPhone 13 with what money?” a Twitter user replied to the iPhone 13 comment thread.

Another Twitter user posted a meme about Samsung Galaxy A50’s price with iPhone, saying “ If you know you know, iPhone 13.”

“iPhone 13 already?” wrote a Twitter user. “Why rush? We are still trying to afford iPhone 8.

Since there is no official confirmation from Apple about iPhone 13’s price, technology enthusiasts have given their rough estimate. According to Tom's Guide, it may cost between $699 to $1,099.