• A recent filing may have revealed the number of iPhone 13 models Apple is planning to launch
  • Apple's patent application may have spilled a major feature it is preparing for iPhone 13
  • To this day, Apple has not yet said anything related to iPhone 13

Apple's next flagship smartphone, the iPhone 13, could reportedly offer a choice of seven models and, if a report is true, all of these models might have no buttons.

The iPhone 13 series, presumably releasing this year, could feature seven models, according to the recently added product filing spotted at the Eurasian Economic Commission's (EEC) database. The filing, reported by Apple Insider, is labeled "Smartphones 'Apple' Models." The report revealed that the single EEC filing features model numbers A2628, A2630, A2634, A2635, A2640, A2643 and A2645.

These model numbers apparently represent seven products but some industry watchers believe that the codes are just variations of the same product. An EEC filing is mandatory for any upcoming consumer device before it could release in the European market. Usually filings of this type contain some product specs and details that have not yet been revealed to the public.

Italian authorities have found Apple's claims about the water resistant properties of certain iPhone models to be misleading
Italian authorities have found Apple's claims about the water resistant properties of certain iPhone models to be misleading AFP / Elijah Nouvelage

In this case, the filing reveals that the devices run on "software version iOS 14." The iPhone 12 series already runs on iOS 14. That bit of rumor goes against Apple's practice of releasing its latest flagship series with the latest iOS. The iPhone 13 is rumored to run on iOS 15. If the said listing is indeed for the iPhone 13, it would leave many fans disappointed.

Also, Apple releasing seven iPhone 13 models flies in the face of earlier reports that the flagship lineup would only introduce four models, similar to what the company did with the iPhone 12 series.

While it is true that the EEC filing is more official than a Twitter leak or any other rumor online, the supposed information on the iPhone 13 has not come directly from Apple -- which should be a red flag for fans.

Meanwhile, a recently uncovered U.S. patent application triggered rumors that the iPhone 13 series might lack physical buttons. The application suggests that Apple is looking into "Capacitative sensing input devices." These input devices, also known as buttons, will be turned into "invisible backlit holes" that surface when touched and vanishes when not in use.

This is interesting and would surely introduce more slick and uniqueness to the next Apple flagship smartphone. However, the patent application does not indicate the device that Apple intends the feature for. Also, just like all other tech giants, Apple always files patents but some of them do not see commercial release. What this means is these supposed iPhone 13 details are highly speculative at this stage.

Apple is believed to be working on iPhone 13 and is expected to launch the rumored flagship sometime this year.