Apple just launched its latest flagship smartphone, which is the iPhone 11 series, but we already have a pretty good picture of what the iPhone 12 will look like. Interestingly, MacRumors is reporting that one of Apple’s most reliable tipsters just dropped news about the 2021 iPhone line up, and it's crazy. Now, we are in for a treat as we learn about what Apple has in store for us with iPhone 13.

TFI analyst and reliable Apple tipster Ming-Chi Kuo recently claims that the Cupertino company will be looking into adding more space between its non-pro and pro smartphones with the upcoming models. The highest-end model would cancel the lightning port and offer a totally wireless experience, reveals the Taiwan-based analyst. In other words, consumers will no longer have to purchase a dongle to connect a pair of USB headphones, nor would users carry with them a power bank for a fast charge.

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It appears that with the iPhone 13, everything the user does from music streaming to charging would be done wirelessly. This might sound pretty tough, but the latest claim only suggests that Apple is currently working on a new battery and charging technology to be able to release an all wireless iPhone 13. The TFI analyst fails to give more details on his latest claims, but with the advancement of technology, it is not impossible.

Since Apple founder Steve Jobs made the iBooks, true wireless devices have been the dream. With AirPods and wireless charging, we are inching closer more than we have ever in our lifetime to this dream. By 2020, Apple could develop some revolutionary charging solution or battery that will make the all-wireless iPhone 13 a reality, Macworld says.

5G networking connectivity is anticipated to launch in 2020, and more advances in the tech world will surely happen, so there is a chance that the all-wireless iPhone 13 might be true. But, these are just predictions, and while Ming-Chi Kuo is a reliable Apple tipster, there are times when his predictions were not accurate. Just like all other rumors, we suggest taking these details about the iPhone 13 with a pinch of salt and with skepticism.