The newly released iPhone 4S, while clearly marking a disappointment after the iPhone 5 frenzy, sports quite a stunning camera, which can possibly replace your standalone cameras.

The new 8-megapixel camera sported on the iPhone 4S, which will be available starting Oct. 14, is more than just about extra megapixels.

Apple packed significant improvements to the optics, sharpening image quality and increasing the lens aperture to f/2.4. The larger aperture lets in more light, bringing brighter and better photos. The advanced hybrid infrared filter also keeps out harmful IR light, resulting in more accurate and uniform colors.

The backside illuminated sensor and an improved LED flash, iPhone 4S can also take quality photos in low-light or high-light surroundings, making sure the camera generates the best images in any level of light.

Advanced algorithms in iOS5 gives the camera more color accuracy, better white balance and greater dynamic range. The A5 chip's image signal processor makes the iPhone 4S camera faster, with less shutter lag.

Here are a series of unretouched photos taken by the iPhone 4S camera, and some special features it boasts.

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