iPhone 4S has incredibly high screen resolution, so high in fact, one of the top most wanted features of the hoped for iPhone 5 was to have a bigger screen. If you are doing more than just making calls and sending messages with your smartphone, you may already know that screen size is not as important as how sharp the images are. iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 have some of the highest screen resolutions out there, but there is a new king of high-res devices now. The newly released HTC Rezound has a better screen resolution than any device out there. It has more pixels per inch than any smartphone, and when the Galaxy Nexus drops in November, it could match or surpass Rezound.

Rezound is being touted as the musical phone because Dr. Dre's Beats Audio is deeply integrated within the device for superior audio, so it's quite a nice phone. The top 10 highest resolution phones here are measured by the aforementioned ppi, with a higher number the better. It is worth noting that above 300 ppi, the human eye has trouble distinguishing the difference in pixel density. This is also compounded by one's own eye sight acuity and they type of ambient light when viewing the screen. Tell us in the comments if you know a device with excellent resolution regardless of the ppi.

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