iPhone 5
iPhone 5 Rumors: Next-Gen iPhone with 4-inch Display Likely This Summer, No Teardrop Form Factor IBTimes

Here's the latest scoop on iPhone 5 - a concept video created by Kris Groen shows the next generation iPhone without a home button and it has become viral on the Internet.

According to the concept video posted on YouTube, the new iPhone will sport radical changes in its design - 4-inch Retina Display, 10-MP rear-facing camera, desktop quality apps and more. However, the most striking change is no other than removal of the home button.

Instead, two separate home bumpers will be added on both the left and right sides. In fact, the change serves multiple purpose - the microphone will be on the front of the phone and not below any more, which leaves more space for a bigger screen. Meanwhile, the physical dimensions of the device will remain similar to the current one.

To control the handset, the user can press the two new buttons. Actually, the buttons will be designed in such a way that the user's fingers will be instinctively in that position.

The new buttons mean one doesn't even need to use the touchscreen. By only pressing the buttons on the two sides, one will reportedly be able to make the iPhone carry out a slew of functions.

Click the concept video to check out the future iPhone's radical changes in details.