The iPhone 5S and 5C sold a record-breaking 9 million phones during its first weekend of sales, with the iPhone 5S proving to be more popular than the cheaper iPhone 5C.

The latest iPhone 5S sales have sent Apple's shares soaring roughly 4.5 percent since it first went on sale on September 20.

Reviews for the iPhone 5S have been flooding the internet, with most of them praising the new device.

IBTimes Tech Editor Dave Smith wrote a glowing review for the 5S, saying: “It’s the first smartphone where the hardware and software feel truly cohesive, fun and effortless. It features iOS 7, a new camera system and a high-tech fingerprint sensor, but the iPhone 5s is much more than the sum of its parts.”

The iPhone 5S has a few new features that set it a notch above its predecessor, the iPhone 5, including a faster 64-bit processor, an improved camera and flash, and a new fingerprint sensor called TouchID. It also comes in an exciting new gold color! The gold color is so popular in fact, that stores are running out all over the country.

iOS 7, Apple's latest software update, has been praised by the Apple community for its sleek design and new features, but there have been a few glitches. Apple has since released iOS 7 updates to fix bugs related to iMessage and lockscreen access.

Apple fans looking to buy a new iPhone 5S or 5C at a cheaper price are in luck: Virgin Mobile USA is now offering a $100 price drop just one day after the phones' official release date through the carrier.

The iPhone 5C has seen its unsubsidized price of $549 for 16 GB of storage knocked down to $449. The higher-end iPhone 5S has also dropped from $649 to $549 through Virgin Mobile USA.on phones during its first weekend of sales, with the iPhone 5S proving to be more popular.