According to a report from BGR, iPhone 5S specs have been leaked. The iPhone 5S has yet to be officially announced by Apple. The leaked internals were originally uncovered by French site

Among the new internals you'll find in the iPhone 5S are a "dock connector charging port flex cable," which will also have the headphone jack of the iPhone 5S integrated into it. The second revelation is described as a "replacement ringer speaker dock connector module," essentially a revamped speaker for the iPhone 5S.


Apple held this year's version of WWDC last week, where it announced a new line of Macbook Air notebooks as well as iOS 7, the newest version of Apple's mobile operation system. Apple didn't make any official announcements regarding the iPhone 5S, but many reports indicate that the tech giant could make an official statement regarding the purported device as soon as later this month.

What do you think of the above specs? Do they excite you at all? Why or why not? What do you think the iPhone 5S will have? Will it sport a bigger display than the iPhone 5? Sound off in the comments below.