We don't advise that you hold up banks and armored cars in real life, but "Payday 2" will come pretty close to letting you live out your heist-related fantasies. "Payday 2," the sequel to "Payday" -- a shooter where you're part of a squad of bank robbers -- was put on display at E3 2013. Here's what we learned about "Payday 2," which is being developed by Overkill Software and slated for a late August release for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

"Payday 2" will feature five times the amount of missions that were included in "Payday." Unlike the original game, "Payday 2" will give players the option to play with either a stealthy or action-oriented approach, which was not the case in "Payday."

"Payday 2" will also include RPG elements. While many details weren't offered regarding RPG features, we imagine that they'll likely have to do with experience gain and skill growth. There will be multiple types of heists you can attempt in "Payday 2," ranging from banks to jewelry stores.

In "Payday 2," you can either grab the minimum amount of loot required to complete the heist, or you can stick around the target and try to grab as much as you can without getting busted. Each of these approaches comes with its risks and rewards. You can also leave members of your crew behind while still completing a heist, but your payday (get it?) will be lower than it would have been had you not left any mates back. You'll be able to use your winnings to upgrade weapons, buy new masks and more.

Check out "Payday 2" in action below.


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