While the launch of Apple’s 2017 flagship iPhone is still months away, iPhone 8 rumors have kept the hype around the device alive. The device’s main rival, Samsung Galaxy S8 is releasing on March 29 with many new features, and Apple, with its device’s release later in the year is expected to match up to, if not outdo Samsung when it comes to offering smartphone features to consumers.

The iPhone 8 will mark Apple’s 10th anniversary and therefore, is expected to be a standout device. Here are six expected features of the device:

Augmented Reality capable camera: Apple is expected to make augmented reality (AR) one of the USPs of the iPhone 8. Bloomberg reported Monday that the company is setting up a team of engineers who will work on all aspects of the technology. While the specifics of Apple endeavors are not yet known, the report says that Apple has already recruited camera and optical lens engineers to work on the technology.

Business Insider reported Tuesday, based on an iPhone 8 concept made by product designer Gabor Balogh, that the device could have an AR capable camera which could help users get better usage in both indoor and outdoor environments with things such as getting directions, taking photos and more.

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Facial Recognition: Apple might not just rid its flagship device of the home button; it could actually replace the existing TouchID technology with facial recognition, according to the company’s patent filed last Thursday.

The patent indicates that the technology will work using the iPhone’s front facing camera to detect the user’s face to unlock the phone instead of existing methods such as a fingerprint scanner or password.

USB-C: Apple could ditch its proprietary lightening connector for a USB-C port, the Wall Street Journal reported in February. The change could make Apple adhere to the industry standards for charging ports, which will help many users easily find third-party chargers and charging support for the device. The company has already included a USB-C port on the iPad Pro.

Curved Corning Glass: Star Gazette reported Wednesday that Corning could design a special curved version of its Gorilla Glass to protect the iPhone 8’s edge-to-edge OLED display.

Long-range wireless charging: WCFTech reported Tuesday that the iPhone 8 could have a long-awaited feature — long range wireless charging. Simply, an iPhone 8 might possibly be charged in a 5-10 metre radius of a specialized wireless charger using airwaves.

Water-Drop Design Body: Apple might pay homage to the first iPhone by providing the iPhone 8 with a similar, water-drop design body, Korean news website ETNews reported Monday. While Apple switched to sharper design with iPhone 4 and then to bigger phones with iPhone 6, the original curved design could possibly make a comeback in iPhone 8.

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iPhone 8 is expected to launch in September or October with a $1000 plus price tag.