iPhone 7
This year’s iPhone 8 is believed to be sporting a much larger battery than last year’s iPhone 7. Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

Apple’s iPhones are known for their not-so-stellar battery life, but Tim Cook’s company is about to change that this year by packing the iPhone 8 with a huge battery. If leaks and rumors are to be believed, the iPhone 7 successor could come equipped with a 2,700mAh battery.

The Cupertino giant is always trying to prove something when it comes to the thinness of its smartphones, so it won’t be surprising if this year’s phones would be just as thin as their predecessors or even thinner. Such physical aspect would translate to limited space for internal components, most especially for the battery that’s expected to fuel the device for hours.

Rumors are currently suggesting that the flagship iPhone 8 will house a 2,700mAh battery, which is way bigger than the 1,960mAh capacity of the iPhone 7. Comparing the new phone with its predecessor based on leaked schematics, they appear to have almost similar dimensions. Given that Apple only managed to use a 1,960mAh battery for the iPhone 7, it would be a challenge for Apple to pack a 2,700mAh battery into a device that’s about the same size as last year’s flagship.

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AppleInsider reports that in order for Apple to successfully include a larger battery into the iPhone 8, it will likely shrink the internal components of the premium handset. Should Apple emerge triumphant in doing this, then it could debut a portable flagship that does not compromise battery life. For reference, the iPhone 7 Plus has a 2,900mAh battery, and the device is much larger than the iPhone 7 with a 4.7-inch display.

Apart from modifying the internals, Apple is also making the big switch from LCD to OLED this year. The latter has advantages over the former. For instance, it is more energy-efficient. In addition, the backlit-free display panel is typically thinner than LCD, so it all the more gives Apple the space it needs to put a 2,700mAh battery inside the iPhone 8.

While the 2,700mAh battery is obviously smaller than the 3,500mAh battery of Samsung’s Galaxy S8, it is still expected to last perhaps just as long as the latter. It can be noted that when the Galaxy S8’s battery was compared to the 2,900mAh battery of the iPhone 7 Plus, the Apple phablet did better than Samsung’s newest flagship. The Galaxy S8 lasted for exactly 8 hours, while the iPhone 7 Plus lasted for 9 hours and 5 minutes.