There is a way for iPhone users to turn their handsets into an iPod Classic. The Verge recently reports about an iOS developer who is currently building an iPhone app that will transform the Apple smartphone into an iPod Classic with its click wheel. The developer now shares the first look of his creation on the social networking site, Twitter.

Cooper Union College Design Student Elvin Hu has been working on the iPhone app project since last month. On his personal Twitter account, we get the first or early look of the app. Essentially, it transforms any iPhone into a fullscreen iPod Classic with the nostalgic click wheel.

The click wheel made by the iPhone app surprisingly comes with haptic feedback and has click sounds so much like the original Apple classic device. The post generated a lot of interest, including the Father of iPod Tony Fadell, commenting that it is a nice throwback. Hu built the iPhone app from an inspiration because he was working on a school paper about the development of the iPod, says The Verge.

In an email to the tech site, Hu shares that he has always been a fan of Apple products ever since he was a kid. He reveals that he would draw the  UI  layout of the iPhone on lids of boxes of Ferrero Rocher before his family could afford one. Zune HD and Windows Vista are just some of the company’s products that inspired the app developer to pursue a career in design, the site notes.

At present, we do not know if we could get the chance to use the iPhone app ourselves as the decision solely depends on Apple. But, the developer understands Apple's position in case it refuses to approve the app, noting that the company has legitimate reasons not to. Hu’s iPhone app also comes with the company’s old Cover Flow feature, song artwork to choose tracks, and a 3D graphical interface that lets users flip and scroll through albums.