Apple analysts have been underwhelmed so far with information coming out regarding the supposed iPhone 11 that’s expected to launch in September this year. All eyes are focused next year when the Cupertino giant is slated to release it’s first foldable phone and the much-awaited iPhone SE 2.

With two very possible major releases in 2020, can Apple still afford to come up with a groundbreaking smartphone in 2019? If reliable sources are to be believed, then it seems there is a possibility that the tech giant could be working on something exciting this September.

According to Forbes, Apple will be releasing not just one but five flagship phones this year. This will include an updated iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR plus two more models (6.1 to 6.5-inch models) with OLED displays.

The two upgraded models, which are significantly more improved than the XS, XS Max and XR, are said to be the long-awaited “iPhone Pro.” Both are said to sport thinner chassis, the rumored triple cameras with expanded sensors, wireless charging and 18W Lightning to USB-C fast chargers.

The information was first released by Japanese blog Mac Otakara, a reliable source of Apple news.

However, this speculation is said to be somewhat shady. With supposed “lower end” iPhones like the 512GB iPhone XS Max already costing $1,450 it doesn’t seem practical for the Cupertino company to be releasing more expensive variants especially since Apple won’t be offering the new phones in 5G.

Samsung, on the other hand, will be releasing its first 5G phones this year, so it’s doubtful that Apple can compete using phones with (sort of) underwhelming upgrades.

But then again, Apple has always been a consumer-driven company so we won’t be surprised if it does come out with a wide range of new iPhone products. Currently, the company has iPhone models that are spread across three generations, has six Apple Watch variants and five iPads that are still in Apple stores.

At any rate, we still can’t wait for what Apple has in store for us this year. And whatever model they’ll be launching come September, we’re pretty sure Apple won’t have a hard time encouraging fans to once more update their devices.

apple releasing three new iphones 2019/gettyimages
apple releasing three new iphones 2019/gettyimages gettyimages