Apple recently had a major sales surge with the release of the iPhone 11. Interestingly, analysts foresee this success happening again by early 2020. The company is said to reveal its next major selling device that follows the design of the previous iPhone Special Edition smartphone.

According to analyst Ming-Chu Kuo, Apple will be releasing the iPhone SE 2 by early 2020. The device targets customers who want to upgrade their current Apple phones but don’t see themselves going for the expensive flagship devices. Based on the iOS 13 update, the iPhone 6 and 6s generations are now considered obsolete and many users will have to upgrade their device. The iPhone SE 2 is said to satisfy this potential demand.

Kuo foresees that Apple will sell up to 20 million units of the iPhone SE 2 throughout 2020. Even though Kuo said that Apple will release this device, the company has yet to roll out any official announcement about the iPhone SE 2.

Many consumers are said to be drawn to the iPhone SE 2 just like how the first iPhone SE did back in 2016. The iPhone SE offered the great specs of an Apple device while having an affordable price.

The iPhone SE 2 will have a 4.7-inch display, a Touch-ID fingerprint sensor, and a single-lens rear camera which sounds standard for an Apple device. However, it’ll have the A13 chip which makes the upcoming smartphone as strong as its source device, the iPhone 11. Despite its great processing power, it’ll cost only $399, which is astronomically cheaper than the iPhone 11’s $999 and above price range.

Due to its cheap price, consumers would want to get this latest Apple device and the company’s revenue could surge again. During the release of the iPhone 11, its cheaper price than the previous iPhone XS generation was one of the factors that made it appealing to many consumers.

Other than being a cheap new iPhone, it could potentially support the latest iOS 13 update which would allow the iPhone SE 2 to provide the most affordable option for Apple’s latest updates in smartphone technology.