• The iPhone can send calls to voicemail for no reason
  • This can be fixed through changing settings
  • The latest iPhone updates can also help

Some iPhone calls go straight to voicemail even when they are expected. This problem stems from the iPhone’s settings and must be changed to prevent this from happening again. And in addition to the settings, users will also need to update a few features to make sure the fix stays.

Turning Off Some Features

Incoming calls sent straight to voicemail often occur in iPhones that have problems connecting with its carrier and has settings preventing interruptions to the owner. These settings need to be changed to let the calls come in as normal.

To secure those calls, the iPhone’s Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb Mode should be turned off and taking calls from unknown numbers could be enabled. Airplane Mode can be disabled by accessing the Control Center through swiping down from the top of the screen.

Meanwhile, the Do Not Disturb Mode can be fully disabled in the Settings menu under its own “Do Not Disturb” options. The feature often reactivates itself after some time and must be set to manual reactivation to prevent it from sending calls into voicemail.

Lastly, the unknown numbers setting is an optional move to keep all calls from going to voicemail. To enable this, make sure that the e “Silence Unknown Callers” setting is on, which would help the iPhone send less calls to voicemail. This move is only optional as it opens your device to be contacted by strangers. If not expecting a call from an unknown number, it’s best to keep it disabled.

Update iOS and Carrier Settings

To keep the features working properly, it’s highly advised for users to keep using the latest iOS update and download the latest update of the carrier’s software. Installing the latest iOS update can be done through the phone’s Software Update menu in the Settings app. Meanwhile, the carrier software can be updated in the About menu under the General option in the Settings app.

Once these are updated, this would fix any issues that could make the device keep sending calls directly to voicemail.

Announce Calls

Activating this feature would help you keep track of calls coming to your iPhone as the device keeps announcing them. To turn on this feature, go to the Settings app and look inside the Phone options. The Announce Calls feature would be there and set it to Always. This will help you keep track of any calls coming if your phone is near.