For the health conscious and exercise enthusiasts, the Fitbit and Apple Health app in the iPhone are handy when it comes to assisting these users get their gains.

However, the two apps don’t necessarily share information, which can be a problem for the user at times. Here’s how to sync your Fitbit and Apple Health data to make keeping track of your fitness records much easier.

Syncing up your Fitbit and Apple Health apps is not possible through regular means as both apps don’t have support for each other yet. However, it is still possible to do using third party apps. To do this, you’ll need the Sync Solver app, which costs a few dollars but will be worth it if you want to have an easier time using your fitness apps.

Once you have the Sync Solver app installed, link your Fitbit app to it. This process helps Sync Solver bring your Fitbit data to other apps. After this, link your Apple Health app. The syncing will take some time, but after it is done, proceed to the Health app.

The Sync Solver app can act as your application middleman after linking Fitbit and Apple Health data. The settings allow it to automatically sync the data throughout the day. However, it’s also possible to manually sync it in order to double check your data or if the app fails to automate this process.

Currently, Apple is working on improving its services throughout all the smart device platforms. Potentially, Apple Health could have more integration support for other fitness apps like Fitbit. It’s possible that the Apple Health app could become compatible with any app in the future due to Apple’s improvements.

For now, we’ll have to wait for the upcoming Apple event this March at the Steve Jobs Theater. It’s been confirmed that the company will reveal more about their services during this event. However, it’s also possible that the new Apple devices this year will also be discussed in this event.