Last Tuesday many top tech reviewers published official reviews for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+. However, consumers will have to wait up to one month to hear what these pundits have to say about the iPhone X. That doesn’t mean there aren’t several opinions circulating about the device.

Many YouTubers have given their two cents on aspects of the iPhone X, which could convince consumers to opt for a different iPhone model or wait for next year to purchase the device.

Here’s a rundown of some unofficial iPhone X reviews, featuring reasons it may not be worth its $999 price tag. 


EverythingApplePRo noted that even though Apple is celebrating the 10th anniversary of iPhone, the iPhone X is still a first-generation product, likely to come with all the bugs and issues of a product that is completely new to the market. He expects there may be design issues with iPhone X, similar to how Apple had issues with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 6 moving to new form factors.  


TechSmarrt noted that Face ID makes authentication more difficult for services like Apple Pay. Touch ID allows a swift motion of tapping an iPhone to a pay station and authenticating with a finger at the same time. However, Face ID requires users to double click the power button, which is now located on the side, look at the iPhone X to authenticate and then tapping to pay. This essentially adds steps to a functionality iPhone users have been accustomed to for several generations.


Beat The Bush noted that the Animoji feature on the iPhone X may be more gimmicky and may not have interest longevity among users. As an exclusive feature, it is likely only iPhone X users will be able to send Animoji to one another. Perhaps, iPhone X users may be able to send Animoji to other iPhone users, but those users wouldn’t be able to send them back. Other reviewers have noted they prefer using Apple's messaging feature in a to-the-point fashion and that stopping to have to create an Animoji doesn’t appeal to them.


SuperSafTV noted the fast charging won’t be standard on the iPhone X and users will have to spend an additional $70 to purchase a fast charging adapter in addition to the $999 starting price of the iPhone X. He also noted that for many competitor devices, fast charging adapters come standard with the device.  


Nerdloser noted the iPhone X may be a better buy in 2018 when once its successor releases and its price drops. Apple is likely to have addressed issues that arise with the iPhone X by that time.

Front Page Tech

Front Page Tech (and many others) noted that the iPhone X top notch is a design oversight that isn’t optimized for the advertised edge-to-edge display. The notch blocks the scroll button when the device is in a landscape viewing position.