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The first wave of iPhone 8 reviews dropped Tuesday and as can be expected, there was a pretty consistent opinion of the device not being as intriguing as the iPhone X. Many reviewers have recommended that those looking for a significant upgrade wait for the X; however, they haven’t completely dismissed the iPhone 8. The device has been applauded for its processing speed and camera improvements in particular but has also been criticized for iffy battery life and a potential to get lost in the shuffle of the similar and cheaper iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s. Overall, many consider the iPhone 8 is the option for those who want the latest “real” iPhone. Here’s what is being said.


Lance Ulanoff called the iPhone 8 “bigger, not bolder,” stating that those who own the previous iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus likely won’t see a need to upgrade. He had an overall positive rating of the device.


Scott Stein hails the iPhone 8 Plus for improvements to the dual camera and faster processing; but notes that its design hasn’t changed much from the iPhone 7 Plus and favors the iPhone X, which won’t be available for another two and a half months.

Washington Post

Hayley Tsukayama said consumers may be interested in the wireless charging ability on the iPhone 8, but notes that her handset didn’t appear to charge any faster than with a wired charger. She considers the iPhone 8 a solid choice for those upgrading from a much older device, such as the iPhone 6s.


Nicole Nguyen was disappointed by the lack of a matte black color option for the iPhone 8. She has a favorable opinion on the device’s camera, particularly its Portrait Mode, Portrait Lighting and 2x zoom features. She noted setting the iPhone 8 down for wireless charging was cumbersome, as the handset wouldn’t connect unless perfectly centered on the charging pad.


Lisa Eadicicco commended the iPhone 8 for faster Touch ID responses and shutter speed for the camera. She also considered the iPhone 8 camera more powerful than the camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


Heather Kelly said the Portrait Mode filters on the iPhone 8 require a few tries to get right but notes the device would be appealing to early adopters.


Chris Velazco noted that the glass exterior of the iPhone 8 has kept his handset free of nicks and scratches, in addition to enabling wireless charging. However, he listed its IP67 water resistance rating, which is lower than many rival devices, as a con. He considers that the iPhone 8 appears to not have very many upgrades, due to a very similar design to older models, but packs noticeable performance improvements and a stable battery life.


David Pierce referred to the iPhone 8 as “already obsolete,” due to the iPhone X. He considers the wireless charging ability, “worth it for the freedom,” despite charging slower than with a cable. However, he commended the device’s smooth performance.


Matthew Panzarino focused on the iPhone 8 camera improvements in his review, hailing the feature for having no shutter lag and highly improved flash image quality.

Business Insider

Steve Kovach noted the iPhone 8 is significantly heavier than the previous iPhone 7, due to its glass exterior, but isn't as slippery. While having a favorable opinion of the iPhone 8, he considers the iPhone X worth the wait and the higher price.


David Phelan considers the iPhone 8 is the best option for a hand-sized device, but said it is not the most powerful, in comparison to rival devices

The Verge

Nilay Patel commends the iPhone 8 for its stereo speaker upgrades but hopes to see improvements to the Portrait Lighting feature once it's out of beta.

New York Times

Farad Manjoo said the biggest downfall on the iPhone 8 is its LCD display, but he considers its processing power significantly ahead of rival devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Wall Street Journal

Geoffrey Fowler said the glass design on the iPhone 8 isn’t as good as the design from the iPhone 4. While many have focused on the price of the iPhone X, Fowler considers that the iPhone 8 price may not be worth it with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s still in Apple’s lineup for much cheaper.


James Titcomb criticized the smaller battery capacity on the iPhone 8 but commends the device for its fast performance.

Yahoo Finance

David Pogue said the battery life on the iPhone 8 remains unimproved from older models but commends the color detail on the device’s improved camera.