Apple’s iPhone X Fold release is scheduled sometime next year, much later than the expected launch of competing brands Samsung and Huawei which are both slated for release this year.

Even without a clear date of when it will come out, some analysts are not expecting that Apple will be left behind. In fact, some are seeing this as an opportunity for the Cupertino giant to “perfect” the first foldable devices that will be out in the market.

The buzz of Apple’s foldable iPhone has gathered so much interest that concept versions of it have created as much buzz as Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. The features of the concept models are so drool-worthy that some analysts are assuming Huawei could actually apply some of it into their own gadget.

The features to be followed, however, are not on the concept unit itself but the packaging. Apple, known for its sleek and sensory-loaded packaging details, is expected to apply something new and exciting for its foldable units.

In the concept design created by graphic designer Antonio De Rosa, the iPhone X Fold will have a unique triangular box that pretty much paints the picture of what the foldable gadget is capable of forming. According to a report, the same right angle was displayed by the Huawei Mate X during the Mobile World Congress tradeshow last month, so this could be something that the company could apply with a few more months to go before the phone’s release. The Chinese company is yet to reveal its own packaging so adopting Apple’s concept design could still be on the table.

In hindsight, the Apple X Fold is expected to share similarities with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. This is understandable as the Samsung Display division actually sent Apple and Google with samples of its technology found in its foldable device. The similarities include an expansive OLED screen that opens like the pages of a book as well as an edge-to-edge display that allows the phone to be handled using only one hand.

And even if there is no concrete evidence that Huawei, or other mobile brands for that matter, are out to copy Apple’s foldable gadget we do know that based on existing patents the iPhone Fold is indeed worth emulating. There are lots of great features that will make it a formidable device to contend with in the future.

The features include provisions to ensure the folding area of the phone (which most analysts predict would be a source of a problem in the future) will be safe from damage. There might also be a foldable battery design and a possible option that show we could have a foldable iPad at hand.

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