iPhone X
iPhone X camera Screencap: Apple

Despite several photo leaks of the device, the iPhone X remains fairly elusive ahead of its Nov. 3 release date and Oct. 27 preorder date. Still, several sightings have confirmed that there are an exclusive few who are currently using the latest Apple smartphone.

Most recently, a video surfaced, showcasing a short, yet up close hands-on of the iPhone X. The video was shared by YouTuber Brooke Peterson, whose father is an Apple employee that had access to an iPhone X handset. Peterson showcased a few iPhone X features while having lunch at the restaurant, Caffe Macs at Apple Park, including some gestures, the device's camera app, and Animoji.

The video has since been removed from YouTube, but a Reddit member shaved and shared the 1-minute hands-on portion. The video also supposedly includes a clip of Peterson’s father using Apple Pay on the iPhone X at the restaurant.

The hands-on is very similar to the standard hands-on videos conducted by tech pundits that attended the iPhone X launch event Sept. 12. Official reviews for the iPhone X have not yet been published but there is no shortage of opinions about the device. Many who have reviewed the iPhone 8 have recommended that enthusiasts wait for the iPhone X, while others have critiqued several iPhone X features, based on the information currently provided by Apple.

Similar to the iPhone 8, it is likely iPhone X reviews may go public days before the device’s official release. Reviews for the iPhone 8 went public Sept. 19, ahead of its Sept. 22 release. Taking this into consideration, reviews for the iPhone X could possibly go live Oct. 31, ahead of its Nov. 3 launch.