Animoji Karaoke performance. Screenshot: Twitter

Many iPhone X users are having a lot of fun with the new Animoji feature. However, one complaint about the feature is that it can’t be used outside of Apple Messages. Though users can save Animoji recordings and share them on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp, these functions must all still be done through Messages.

Enter developer, Simon B. Støvring, who has created a standalone application for Animoji. In addition to allowing users to create and use Animoji outside of Apple Messages, the app, called SBSAnimoji, allows users to record up to 60-second clips, instead of the typical 10 second sound bites allowed by Apple. The original time increase on SBSAnimoji bumped recording up to 20 seconds, but the developer has made updates.

Still, because it's Apple, there are limitations even to this customization. The Animoji API is not open to third-party developers so Støvring used Apple’s private framework to create the application. This means the app likely won’t make its way to the Apple App Store.

SBSAnimoji is accessible, but users will have to create an Apple Developer account and sideload the app onto an iPhone X. Users can access the SBSAnimoji files here. The developer also warns other users should not attempt to submit any further app customizations to the Apple App Store.