iPhone XR
New iPhone, new features, we adapt. Pictured: A man is reflected on a screen showing the iPhone XR at an Apple store in Beijing on January 3, 2019. - Apple cut its revenue outlook for the latest quarter on January 3, citing steeper-than-expected 'economic deceleration' in China and emerging markets. Getty Images/Wang Zhao

Similar to your other iPhone X generation phones, the iPhone XR also doesn’t have a home button and replaces most of usual quick button features with touch gestures. For those who are new to this, here are some iPhone XR tips to master the shortcut gestures for this device.

Siri Without Home Button

In previous iPhones, holding down the home button would call out Siri to assist you with concerns. However, the iPhone XR doesn’t have the home button, but it did bind the Siri shortcut in the wake/sleep button. To call Siri, simply hold the wake/sleep until she comes out.

Turn Off

Since Siri now has the previous phone shut down shortcut, it’s been relegated elsewhere. To turn off your phone, hold the wake/sleep button and the volume down button. Lastly, just swipe down on the screen to switch the phone off.

Other Siri Shortcuts

If the new main Siri shortcut still feels weird for you, you can also set other shortcuts that Siri can respond to. To find this, go to Settings and find the Siri & Search button. This menu will provide you with all the preinstalled shortcuts that Siri can react to. At first, the iPhone XR would only provide you with suggestions, but the “All Shortcuts” button would give you every shortcut if you can’t find the ones you like. Moreover, you can download new shortcuts from a dedicated Siri Shortcuts app for more of these nifty additions.

Waking The Phone Up

Other than the wake button, waking the phone up can be done through simply tapping the screen. However, you’ll have to use the Face ID to unlock the phone to access your apps after that.

Schedule Downtime

More than relearning old gestures, the new iPhone XR can also help you limit your phone’s app usability in your Settings. With the Schedule Downtime feature, some apps can be inaccessible in set times of the day to prevent you or other people from accessing it. To activate this, go to the Settings menu and select Screen Time. Under this setting, the Downtime feature can be turned on and the restriction schedule and the list of apps can now be set.