• The latest Apple OS build, iOS 13.4.1, could crash by simply receiving a string of viral test message
  • The text message, according to a report contains a string of Sindhi characters
  • When the iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch receives an app notification or text messages with this bug, the iOS device reportedly crashes

The most recent Apple mobile OS build, iOS 13.4.1 could crash the iPad or iPhone. At times, iOS bugs appear and cause problems to iOS devices. The latest bug crashes the iPhone or iPad by merely receiving an app notification or text message containing a string of characters in the Sindhi language, a new report claims.

The crash could be triggered by a simple notification from any app like WhatsApp and Messages as well as social networking apps like Twitter. In other words, this most recent bug could negatively impact millions of iOS device users simultaneously.

According to 9to5Mac, the string of Sindhi characters that causes iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch to crash is viral on the social networking site Twitter. Apparently, these crash-inducing characters were first shared on a group on Telegram. The report also reveals that the original message contains Sindhi characters and an Italian flag emoji.

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But, in a tweet posted by EverythingApplePro, he shared that the Italian flag was immaterial in crashing Apple devices running on iOS 13.4.1. When a device receives a notification containing these characters, the iOS device freezes, could not be turned off, and will soon crash. In 2015, there was a text crash bug dubbed as the Effective Power, but it only spread via the Messages app and crashed iPhones.

The string of characters are Arabic, but the Cupertino tech juggernaut later said that it was an issue in the iMessage app that caused a string of Unicode characters. An almost similar text bug happened in 2018, where the text bomb message that affected iPhone users are loaded with characters in Telugu.

Apple has not yet made any comment about this latest text bomb that crashes iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch. ZDNet suggests that users should turn off notifications until Apple comes up with the fix to resolve the current issue. The site also notes that iPhones that don’t crash after receiving the notification can go back to normal following a reboot.