After almost five years of waiting, Apple finally released the latest version of the iPod Touch, and fans of the gadget can’t be more excited.

The device, despite lacking the phone capabilities of the iPhone, is still a good gadget for anyone who enjoys digital entertainment. The new iPod Touch boasts some impressive improvement compared to its predecessor.

According to a report, it is especially impressive for people who love playing mobile games, thanks to its A10 Fusion chip that’s used in older iPhone models. This means that those who own the sixth generation iPod will enjoy better gaming interface and graphics.

Aside from this upgrade, there are a number of reasons why people should still consider buying this portable digital device. If you’re still on the edge about whether the iPod is a good investment or not, then consider the following reasons when buying.

The iPod is a good prelude to an iPhone. Not yet ready to shell out almost $1,000 for the iPhone? The iPod touch is a good start. It almost has all the functions of an iPhone since it runs on the A10 Fusion chip from previous iOS smartphone models. And at only $199 for the base model (32GB), it’s a good gadget to start with if you’re pondering on switching to iOS which is generally a very expensive option.

It is capable of AR possibilities. Owing to the A10 chip, the iPod Touch offers some exciting options for augmented reality apps and games. This makes the iPod a fun gadget to have to while the time away. Of course, as with the original iPod, it continues to be one of the best music-playing devices in the market.

The iPod is young and hip. Thanks to Apple’s continuous use of fun colors among its iPods, the new iPod Touch remains to be appealing to the younger crowd. It’s a cool gadget to have and can keep the young ones entertained for hours.

The iPod Touch is more handy and convenient than an iPhone. The iPod Touch has all the appealing capabilities of an iPhone without the complicated set-up. It’s thin, light and capable of some powerful functions like music storage and gaming should the user aims to register in the upcoming Apple Arcade service which is set to become the “largest gaming platform” in the world.