"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"
The cast of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" which has its season 8 premiere on Oct. 11 on FX.

Break out your Kitten MIttens because season eight of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" is revving up for an October premiere. For those dying to be back in Paddy's Pub, we have a teaser video to hold you over.

The "Always Sunny" gang has kept a tight lid on the new season. No spoilers, casting news or footage have been leaked, but FX is finally rewarding fans for their good behavior by releasing a teaser titled "Beware."

Set to premiere sometime in October, the video fails to show any footage or reveal any spoilers about season eight. Although a rather unhelpful teaser, it does seem to ramp up some excitement for the upcoming wildly hilarious shenanigans. The teaser video is Japanese anime inspired, and strictly displays photos of the cast. Dee is doing some serious kicking, Frank is shooting off into space, Charlie has some magic powers in his hand, Dennis can shoot fire out of his forehead and Mac has the power to deflect it with his arms.

The season eight teaser video is much different from last year's season seven trailer. Labeled as "America's most inspiring series," the videos actually displayed heart touching (yet ridiculous) scenes of the "Always Sunny" gang. Viewers of the season seven trailers were in for a surprise though when none of the footage really had anything to do with the actual new season.

If the season eight video follows last year's lead, then don't expect the gang to be changing the show name from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" to "It's Always Sunny in Japan."

"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's" 13-episode season eight premieres this October.