• Ivanka Trump was seemingly humiliated by her sons when they tried to rush off the plane in Washington
  • Ivanka Trump's children were held by the secret service
  • Ivanka Trump is very impressive, smart, and polished 

Ivanka Trump was left red-faced after her two children, Theodore and Joseph, were held back by secret service agents on board Air Force One.

This week, the first daughter and her husband, Jared Kushner, returned to Washington following their short vacation in Mar-a-Lago.

Immediately after the doors of the plane were opened, Ivanka’s kids rushed to the door in an attempt to go down the stairs. But according to Metro, the young boys were spotted by onlookers.

The publication claimed that one of Ivanka’s kids even bit the arm of one of the security agents after he tried to stop him from running around. A photo of the young boy seemingly biting the man’s arm has made headlines.

Meanwhile, Ivanka, Kushner, and their sons weren’t the only ones who returned to Washington from a short vacation in Mar-a-Lago. President Donald Trump, Melania Trump, and Barron Trump arrived in Washington on Monday night.

A video of the first family showed the POTUS getting off the plane first followed by the FLOTUS and their 13-year-old son. Some netizens also took notice of how sad Barron looked during the outing.

In related news, Ivanka also made headlines this week after “Kushner, Inc.,” author Vicky Ward said that the first daughter possesses an ability that her husband does not have.

Even though the couple works as mirror images of each other, and they are able to talk without notes and fake a sense of humor, it is Ivanka who seems to be very smart, impressive, and polished.

“And unlike her husband, she seemed to have a ready command of figures and a detailed, working knowledge of all the properties she was involved with,” Ward said.

Kushner, on the other hand, is known for delegating his tasks especially when he’s asked about the specifics. In fact, Ivanka’s husband has also been dubbed as an imperious delegator who lacked genuine interest in their real estate business.

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32. (tie) Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner: The First Daughter's wedding four years after her father's was also reportedly $1 Million, after saving on venue fees by marrying at Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey. The couple is pictured on their wedding day on Oct. 25, 2009. Brian Marcus/Fred Marcus Photography via Getty Images