Jackie Green, the British teenager who made history by having sex change at the age of 16, is now looking forward to win Miss England after entering into semi-final of the beauty pageant.

I'm ecstatic to get through, I never expected it. I have had so many people contacting me saying they hope I win. Lots of people have been in touch, and it makes me blush to think I have inspired others. I never thought I would be able to inspire anyone. I am in it to win it, Green told the Daily Mail.

I'm really proud of her. She's been through an awful lot but she has chosen to put herself out there and at risk, her mother, Susie, 43, said.

There is a lot of prejudice out there but she is trying to make people understand this isn't a choice - and it can be fine.

The 18-year-old Green, who was born as Jack, underwent a full gender reassignment surgery in Thailand on her 16th birthday. From being a toddler, Green had always insisted on wearing feminine clothes, acted like girls and also played with girls' toys.

Before undergoing surgery, the teenager attempted to commit suicide and had even threatened of cutting off her own genitals, the Daily Mail reported.

Green made history by entering the Miss England beauty pageant two years after the surgery. She entered the beauty pageant show after being spotted by scouts at Britain's Next Top Model show in London.

I am a normal person just born in the wrong body, she told Pink News in January, adding, I think that people need to see how normal we are. I came forward to do that.

Leeds resident Green, who is an aspiring model, is competing to raise awareness for Mermaids, a charity which offers support to the teenager and children with gender identity issues.

However, a spokesman for the beauty pageant has previously said: There's not much we could do legally to stop her entering. We did agonize over it, but as she is a woman she fits the bill and is an affable young lady.

On May 30, Miss England semi-finals will be held at Champneys, Leicestershire, and the winner will receive a luxury holiday to Mauritius to promote the Mauritius shopping fiesta and promote children's charities abroad. The winner will also represent the nation at the 63rd Miss World which is going to be held in China.