• Jana Duggar isn't "that worried" about being single
  • Jim Bob's eldest daughter is making the most of her time as a single woman
  • Jana is rumored to be dating Lawson Bates

Jana Duggar opened up about her single status and revealed that she wants to be married someday.

Jana is the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. “Counting On” fans are questioning her single status because the Duggars are known to start courtship before their 20s and get married in their early 20s. In fact, her married siblings already have kids before turning 30. Meanwhile, Jana, who turned 30 last January, is still without a boyfriend.

The reality recently star spoke with Us Weekly and discussed her love life. She is hoping to find "The One" someday, but at present she is enjoying her time with herself.

“I’m not that worried,” the “Growing Up Duggar: It’s All About Relationships” co-author said on Thursday.

“Yes, I long to be married and one day I think that will come, but I think … I’m just also just trying to stay busy with whatever comes along my path.”

Because Jana is the eldest daughter and is still single, she admits feeling “a little more pressure” to start dating. But while she still hasn’t found her special someone, she is now focusing on “making the most” of her single years.

“I think if I sit there and I’m like, ‘Oh no, I’m not married’ and just [get] all worried about it, it makes things way worse,” she added.

In October 2019, Jana opened up about her dating life. She admitted that a number of guys asked her out. However, none of them worked out.

“[My siblings] have been in relationships, courtships, whatever you want to label it as. Of course, it doesn’t always end in marriage and that’s OK. You have to sometimes talk to someone, get to know someone and realize, you know what, it doesn’t have to end in marriage,” she said.

Meanwhile, many are convinced that Jana will be announcing courtship news soon. “Counting On” fans are speculating that she is dating Lawson Bates. A video shared by Lawson’s sister, Carlin, wherein Jana and Lawn were playing a game with Carlin, Carlin’s husband and Johannah Duggar went viral online. Fans believed that Johanna was there as Jana’s chaperone because the Duggars are usually accompanied by a sibling when they start courting, The Blast reported.

Jana Duggar
“Counting On” star Jana Duggar appears to still be single ahead of her 28th birthday. TLC