A lot of “Jane the Virgin” guest stars filmed scenes with Rogelio De La Vega (Jaime Camil) this Season 4, including the likes of Brooke Shields and Eva Longoria.

But this time, Camil helped select a guest star to film a pretty special scene with Alba (Ivonne Coll). Mexican actress and comedian Angelica Vale, who is a good friend of Camil, will have a Spanish scene with Alba.

Vale told People that this is her English-language TV debut, but she stuck with her roots because of the language she used with Alba.

“I play a small role. Jaime called me and asked: ‘Compadre, you want to do a scene with me?’ And I obviously didn’t even have to think about it, I said yes immediately. It’s a scene in Spanish with Ivonne Coll,” she shared. “You have no idea how much I enjoyed being there. It’s a small part but what matters is that Jaime and I got together again. I thank my compadre for giving me the opportunity to make my debut in American television.”

That scene is made even more special with Justin Baldoni, who plays the hunky Rafael Solano in the series, helming the episode as a director. “The poor thing had to direct me in Spanish. Imagine that! But they treated me incredibly well,” Vale said.

While Vale did not have any scene with her compadre, she still appreciates what he has done to the role of Rogelio. “Rogelio de la Vega has made me laugh from day one,” she said. “I can’t be prouder of my compadre. I care for him a lot. I admire him. I’m super proud of him.”

Meanwhile, Camil heaped praises on Sheilds after working with her on five episodes, which started on Feb. 9. “She is going to be a big part of Rogelio’s life, probably his new nemesis and that’s going to be fun,” Camil said of Shields’ character, River Fields.

The two had a huge argument on social media after Rogelio complained about male post-partum depression, which Fields found ridiculous.