Aside from Adam (Tyler Posey), another new character is going to join the cast of “Jane the Virgin” Season 4. Former “Telenovela” star Alex Meneses has just signed on for a recurring role in the upcoming season of The CW show.

According to Deadline, Meneses will play Katherine, owner of the Cortes Hotel Conglomerate, and she is a possible investor of the hotel once handled by Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni) and his ex-wife Petra (Yael Grobglas).

Unfortunately for Rafael, his sister Luisa (Yara Martinez) kicked him out of the hotel. Because of the loss of his financial income, Rafael will end up crashing in the house of his baby mama Jane (Gina Rodriguez) “with his Bowflex and all his protein drinks,” executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman told TV Line.

“He sort of takes over the Villanueva house, and it does create a stress in [his] relationship [with Jane],” she said. However, “he forms an unexpected bond with Alba (Ivonne Col), who is Team Rafael.”

But whether or not Jane will get back together with Rafael still remains to be seen, especially since she will be rekindling her once-lost relationship with Adam.

Urman said that Jane cannot evade Adam, since they’ll be using their talents and work on a project together. “He’s an illustrator of graphic novels, so he can illustrate and she can write -- they’ll have a collaboration at some point,” Urman told Entertainment Tonight. “He’s a little bit more of a youthful energy. Jane has had a lot of weight on her shoulders and this is somebody who’s going to be reminding her a bit that she’s 27 years old. He’s a little bit more adventurous than Jane is right now.”

When the show opens, Urman said it will pick up right when Jane meets Adam again. Jane thought she would never get to see him again, so fans will get the opportunity to delve into their backstory and discover why he was her first love.