Jane the Virgin
Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni) formed a solid friendship this Season 4 of “Jane the Virgin.” The CW

“Jane the Virgin” Season 4 brought Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) and her baby daddy, Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni) back together, and “Jafael” fans began to hope again that they might be the show’s endgame.

When show creator Jennie Snyder Urman was asked if Jane and Rafael are indeed fated to be together, she told TV Guide that there’s something else the show is focusing on - their friendship.

“There’s a bed of friendship and trust and knowledge about one another, so their relationship is from friendship first and then romance,” Urman explained. “It has a very different amount of weight and they’re already very intimate, just not romantically. So that gives them a much firmer ground to stand on in terms of developing their relationship.”

While there are undoubtedly a lot of “Jafael” shippers, some fans are still holding out hope that Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) would be brought back to life so he can continue his marriage with Jane. Others think Jane would be happier alone, while some believe she is destined to be with someone else - maybe someone who hasn’t been introduced in the show yet.

As for Baldoni, he is also rooting for his character to end up with Jane. He told Hollywood Life: “There’s a chance they could be endgame. But I mean, I don’t know. We’ll see. There’s a few more years left.”

“But at the end of the day, I think the two could very well seem meant to be. They’ve had a lot of challenges, and we’ll see. If it’s what the fans want, then maybe it’s possible. I don’t know what the show creator has in mind,” he added.

When Rodriguez earlier posted on Instagram a throwback photo of the couple, fans were sent into a tizzy. “OMG BEST SERIES IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD _ so in love with jafael __,” a fan wrote. Another added, “Majatael- Mateo Jane and Rafael.”

“Keep Jane and Rafael’s relationship alive!!” a netizen even pleaded.

“Jane the Virgin” Season 4 airs Fridays on The CW at 9 p.m. EST.