Janet Jackson is bringing her weight loss to the limelight as the new face of Nutrisystem and a book chronicling her shifting weight journey over the years.

In her new book, True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself, 45-year-old Jackson explores weight loss and gain in a candid account using her own experiences.

For the three decades of her life in the spotlight, Jackson has battled with her weight with dramatic fluctuations over the years.

Some of my battles with weight have been very public, Jackson wrote in the book. But most of them have been internal. Even at my thinnest, when my body was being praised, I wasn't happy with what I saw in the mirror or how I felt about myself.

Jackson said growing up, her weight was a sore topic because the producers on her television debut for Good Times asked her to lose weight along with her brother Michael frequently teasing her about her weight, namely her rear.

It really got to me and I took it way too seriously, Jackson said. But the more he joked about my big behind, the more determined I was to be thin. Even as a little kid. On certain days I decided simply to starve myself - no breakfast, no lunch. Because ours was a show business family, we were pretty much on our own. Other than the extremely rare holiday dinner, we didn't have regular sit-down meals.

In 2006, she weighed about 180 pounds, evident in pictures that shocked the world, before dropping down to 120 two years later. That same year, Jackson wrote she gained...a love and appreciation for herself.

Jackson admitted she used food in an unhealthy way as her comfort, eating to compensate for depression and stress.

While Jackson said she turns to food when in a funk, performances and the tight schedules helped her maintain a healthy weight in those busy periods.

At some point I learned to control my eating, especially when I had something to do - for example, a record, concert, or TV appearance, Jackson wrote in her book. I had the ability to work out, stay on a strict regimen and make it happened. I stayed disciplined.

Jackson did not reveal her weight as the news spokeswoman for Nutrisystem (admitting she doesn't look at the scale), but says it will help her in her weight loss journey. The program, she said, helps her maintain a healthy weight when combined with working out six days a week, including three mile runs.

I've come a long way. I haven't reached where I want to be. I'm a work in progress. I haven't reached my success. I know I will get there with Nutrisystem. I am happy with who I am and the person I am, she wrote.

Nutrisystem said Janet Jackson has lost about 10 pounds since she began the program last month.

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