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"Teen Mom 2" star Javi Marroquin seemingly has a new girlfriend, but he's not ready to put a label on it. MTV/Viacom

“Teen Mom 2” reality star Javi Marroquin broke up with girlfriend Madison Channing Walls, he confirmed to Radar Online Tuesday. The Delaware resident tweeted Drake lines after his split from the “Real World” star.

“I'm a direct reflection of her insecurities,” he quoted the rapper. “Saw a side of me I never knew,” he wrote Sunday.

Marroquin, 24, didn’t give a reason for the split. “We just decided being friends is better off,” the single dad told Radar Online.

Two weeks earlier, Channing Walls confirmed their relationship. “Javi and I are definitely together. We are definitely boyfriend and girlfriend,” she told E! Online March 22. “I love that he is a gentleman and I like his core values and that he has morals and just what he stands for.”



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Marroquin alerted his ex-wife, “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry, about the new lover. “Kail knows about the relationship for sure,” he said in March. “I’m happy for Kail. I wish her nothing but the best and health and wellness and all of that stuff, you know? I’m here for her. We actually are in a good place, and I just want health for her and the baby.”

Channing Walls famously struggled with heroin addicted. Radar Online insinuated that might have caused her relationship with Marroquin to fail. She was arrested in 2013 for attempted theft. At the time of her detention, she had track marks on her arms. The reality star had tried to steal cosmetics from CVS.

“It should be noted that Madison’s arms were covered with track marks from needles and when she was searched at the jail,” the report from Round Rock Police Department in Texas read. “The deputies informed me that she had oozing sores on her butt from what Madison admitted to be from shooting drugs in her butt cheek area.”

When she was arrested, drug paraphernalia was found in her pocketbook. “[The bag] had some spoons partially sticking out of one end and I asked Madison if that was her drug bag and she said yes,” the report continued. “I asked if there were needles in it and she said yes there might be. I opened the bag and it had two syringes and three spoons that were burned from heating heroin.”

Channing Walls took to Instagram to respond to the split Tuesday, sharing a quote that read: “You’re allowed to move on with your life. You’re allowed to change. Don’t hold on to who you were just to please others.”


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