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Chris Brown and Rihanna have both been getting tons of radio airplay since their remixes of each other's songs were released in February, but it looks like RiRi may have suffered her first professional setback as a result of the rumored reconciliation with former abuser Chris Brown: Jay-Z is said to have dropped her from his label's track!

Jay's Roc Nation record label reportedly commissioned artist Drake to write RIP specifically for Rihanna, but given Jay's rumored falling out with the Barbadian pop singer, the track was instead given to Roc Nation up-and-comer Rita Ora.

Jay-Z and Rihanna were close in the past, with the younger singer apparently finding solace in Jay after her 2009 beating at the hands of then-boyfriend Chris Brown the night of the Grammy's.

But that all changed once Rihanna released a musical collaboration with her controversial ex-boyfriend, to say nothing of the rumors that have been leaking out nearly every day since their Grammy performances this year about the two getting back together romantically, not just musically. Radar Online says Jay-Z was absolutely disgusted with Brown's beating of Rihanna, and deeply disappointed in her reunion with him recently.


And now it's Rihanna's turn to be mad! The signer is reportedly furious, according to sources inside Roc Nation who spoke anonymously to, that a song that was reportedly written specifically for her by Drake was given to Roc Nation newcomer Rita Ora.

The single, Ora's first, is produced by U.K. dupstep duo Chase & Status, and features English-via-Nigeria hip-hop singer and drum and bass artist Tinnie Tempah.

Tinnie and Rihanna flirted online the other day, with Tinnie sending her a tweet saying, Ooooooooooohhh I wanna f--k you right now, to which Rihanna responded, Well, you're awake! later even sending him a photo of her lying in bed, gesturing to him to get in. In retrospect, could it have been Tinnie and Rihanna signaling to each other that despite Jay-Z's slight, they're still cool?

Rihanna and Chris Brown have been a fount of gossip news these past few weeks, so this is surely not the last we'll hear of the two, or Jay's reaction to it all.

In the meantime, here's the track that has Rihanna furious: