Shane Dawson has had a successful run in the beauty business. The YouTuber teamed up with entrepreneur Jeffree Star for some makeup releases, but now rumors claim that Dawson and Star also helped Tati Westbrook with her viral clapback at James Charles last year. Dawson issued a denial late Saturday night.

The beauty YouTubers’ feud went viral in 2019 due to Westbrook’s video calling out Charles. Westbrook didn’t approve of Charles endorsing a supplement that was a direct competitor to her brand. In a 34-minute video, Westbrook rejected the apology Charles released. There was a lot of back and forth with denials and picking apart each other’s statements and even a few retractions before the dust settled, according to Elle. Ultimately, both are still active in the beauty community a year later.

Now, Dawson and Star are accused of adding fuel to the fire last year and encouraging Westbrook to make the long video in an attempt to ruin Charles’ career. In a now-deleted statement titled “my final thoughts on the beauty world,” Dawson explains that while he was aware the video was coming, he did not tell her to make the call out clip nor did he warn Charles it was coming. However, he admits that he has “had a pit in [his] stomach since it all happened.”

After stating that he had a great experience working with Star on the Conspiracy palette, Dawson made it clear that he wants out of the makeup mogul world.

“The beauty gurus who are ALWAYS involved in scandals are ALL THE [expletive] SAME. They are all attention seeking game playing egocentric narcissistic vengeful two faced ticking time bombs ready to explode. And I’m OVER it,” he wrote.

He explained that he isn’t asking anyone to change. He understands that beauty gurus’ flair for dramatics is what keeps their audiences engaged. However, Dawson admitted that maybe he shouldn’t have brought up the situation in a trailer for "The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star."

“Putting drama in the trailer was something I regret more than anything in the world and I’m mad that I chose tea over my morals. I’m really sorry to Tati and James if me putting their drama in the series at all felt like I was reopening old wounds. Although I did speak to both of them privately about the trailer I should have not even done it AT ALL. Drama might be fun to watch but it’s NOT fun to get wrapped up in and it’s my fault for letting it happen,” the 31-year-old emphasized.

In screenshots of the deleted tweets from PopCrave, Dawson told viewers to enjoy the drama of beauty gurus but stop trying to cancel them. Audiences have made it clear that the negative videos are what they watch most. “Just don’t take the beauty world as seriously as I did,” he notes.

Though Dawson says he still enjoys makeup and beauty videos, he is keeping that in the offline part of his life. “I need to get back to why I started YouTube back in 2005 and that was to make things that bring me joy (not drama) and to make movies one day,” he wrote.

Despite saying he wanted out of the feuding, Dawson’s note may have sparked more drama. He decided to delete the diatribe about three hours later so he didn’t have to see it again, but he knows it isn’t erased from the internet.

“I deleted everything. I’m done. For those who wanted me to ‘address it’ I did. I’m sure u can find it reposted somewhere. But I don’t want this energy in my life or on my timeline. I’m too sensitive for this [expletive] and I’m done,” he tweeted.

The Shane X Jeffree Conspiracy Collection was last restocked on Saturday.

Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson attends the Shorty Awards on May 5, 2019, in New York City. Noam Galai/Getty Images for Shorty Awards