Fans of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson were likely disappointed to learn that their Conspiracy collection had completely sold out after the initial launch. However, Star made an announcement on Monday that the makeup line would have a small amount of palettes available for pre-order beginning on Tuesday.

On Twitter, Star revealed that restock pre-order for both the Conspiracy Palette and the Mini Controversy Pallette would be available on Tuesday. In his tweet, which can be seen below, he shared that 60,000 units of each were being manufactured and would begin shipping in late November and into early December.

He also shared in an Instagram Live video, which can be viewed on PopBuzz, that for the initial launch, they sold over one million palettes between the Mini and Conspiracy combined in approximately 30 minutes, which shocked those around the collection. 

"When we submitted our purchase orders to the lab, we had no idea it would sell out that quickly," he told his fans on the platform. Additionally, he shared that the makeup factory can only make so many palettes per day, which likely leads to why a limited restock is being held, adding that it takes "a few months or more to manufacture."

Additionally, fans were alerted to the fact that Dawson's merch store would be restocking black and pink embroidered logo hoodies, phone cases, and Conspiracy hoodies on Friday, Nov. 8, with all other items becoming available on Black Friday.

As for when the full collection will be made available to fans again, Star said that he wanted to be fully transparent and say that a full restock, including bags and mirrors, would not be happening until early 2020. Therefore, this limited release is the last for 2019.

If interested in buying something from the restock, Star advised not to add anything else to that purchase order as it will not ship at the expected date if that is done. Both Star and Dawson are expected to share a link when the restock goes live as an attempt to circumnavigate the issues that plagued the last launch. Purchases can be made from Star's official site.

Jeffree Star Jeffree Star is pictured March 5, 2017, in Inglewood, California. Photo: Getty Images