• Jennifer Coolidge said she is open to playing Melania Trump in a biopic
  • The "Legally Blonde" star suggested the former first lady "would be bummed"
  • Calls for Coolidge to play Trump in a project began in 2018 when the then-first lady gave an interview sporting bright blonde hair

Jennifer Coolidge has addressed calls from fans on social media that she play Melania Trump in a future film project.

During an interview with The Guardian, Coolidge was asked about her thoughts on posts on social media saying that she resembled Trump and that she could play the former first lady in a potential biopic.

"What a compliment. Where do I sign," Coolidge replied with a laugh. "Between you and I, though, I’m sure Melania would be bummed."

When asked about other genres she was interested in trying out, the "Legally Blonde" star said, "I'd love to go back to theater and do a serious play. And then the Melania biopic, of course."

Social media users have been campaigning for Coolidge to portray Trump in a project since the former FLOTUS gave an interview three years ago where she was sporting blonde hair.

"Melania Trump looks like she's doing Jennifer Coolidge cosplay!" one person tweeted.

"I can't believe they cast Jennifer Coolidge as the new Melania!" another added.

Wrote another, "Can't wait to see Jennifer Coolidge in the role she was born to play: Melania."

One user pitched an idea for Comedy Central, writing, "Jennifer Coolidge as Melania, in witness protection, working at a Kohl’s. (No disrespect to Kohl’s. Or #Melania. But come on, Jennifer Coolidge! It practically writes itself.)."

During her husband's presidency, a number of actresses have played Trump on television, including "Saturday Night Live's" Cecily Strong and Laura Benanti, who impersonated the former first lady on CBS' "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

Meanwhile, during her interview, Coolidge also opened up her career as an actress at 59 years old. She acknowledged that she's been "very lucky" when it comes to receiving "meaty roles for middle-aged women."

"I don’t want to analyze it too much in case they dry up. I think certain things helped: Ariana Grande putting me in her video [for 'thank u, next'] and Emerald Fennell casting me in 'Promising Young Woman,'" she explained.

Coolidge continued, "People assumed I could only do certain kinds of role – that lady who comes in, opens a door, says something funny, then closes it. You get put in a box as comic relief, but those things helped get me back in the game and I'm so glad."

Coolidge currently appears on "The White Lotus," which premiered on HBO on July 11.

Jennifer Coolidge aka "Stifler's mom" Jennifer Coolidge has kept her comic skills sharp thanks to roles in films such as "A Cinderella Story" and the "Legally Blonde" movies. Her television credits include an appearance in "Sex and the City." She will appear in the upcoming film "Austenland." Photo: Reuters