Jennifer Garner may have just referenced her failed marriage to Ben Affleck in her newest cooking video.

The actress uploaded a video of herself making raspberry preserves as part of her Pretend Cooking Show series. The clip opens with Garner cleaning five cups of raspberries before placing them in a pot. Before doing so, the actress hilariously says that she doesn’t know if the raspberries needed to be rinsed in the first place.

Garner then measures two-thirds cup of water and pours it in the pot before adding half a teaspoon of salt and less than one cup of sugar. While stirring the ingredients in the pot, Garner hilariously talks to them.

“An important thing. This is really the only important thing you need to know – if this burns, you have to throw it out. You cannot bring this back from the dead, at least not in my knowledge,” she said.

Garner then corrects herself after realizing that she should have said: “not to my knowledge.”

“That being said, we’re gonna let this boil and start breaking up… breaking apart… Breaking up is sad,” she said before adding a broken heart emoji in her video’s subtitle.

After a few minutes, Garner returns to the video and reveals that she found some blueberries and decided to include them in her recipe. While waiting for her raspberries to boil, Garner dances in her kitchen, sips a cup of coffee, and chills.

Shortly after, the pot boils and Garner tries to console those who are watching by telling them that they shouldn’t worry. Garner continues to wait for her preserved raspberries and shares a piece of information about her three children.

She said that Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel don’t love full-on seeds when she makes preserves. That’s why she decided to stop while the raspberry is still “liquidy.”

At one point, Garner even plays cards while in the kitchen. She then starts making scrambled eggs while singing and dancing. In the end, Garner’s raspberry preserve was a huge success.