Jennifer Lawrence Falls Actress Jennifer Lawrence falls as she walks up the steps to accept the award for best actress for her role "Silver Linings Playbook" at the 85th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California February 24, 2013. Photo: Reuters

Only Jennifer Lawrence could fall with such grace and style, but unfortunately we live in a world of gifs that makes falling not so graceful and stylish when it’s played over and over again.

Pure shock raced across the first-time winner’s face when she won. She jumped to her feet, covering her mouth, and made sure to hug her mother.

She glided from her front-row seat to the stairs in her virgin pink Dior gown, but somewhere on the stairs the “Silver Linings” star fell from grace.

Check out the link here from celebrity blogger Perez Hilton to see multiple gifs of the “Girl on Fire” tumbling to her knees.

She slipped and paused for a moment, probably laughing at what had just happened during the most monumental moment of the 22-year-old’s life to date.

Before she was ready to compose herself, it seemed like “Les Miserables” star Hugh Jackman dashed over to be the perfect gentleman and help Lawrence to her feet where she belongs.

J Law mustered up her strength and continued to sashay up the stage to accept her award from last year’s Best Actor Jean Dujardin.

She chuckled once while reaching the mic in typically down-to-earth Lawrence fashion.

"You guys are just standing up because I fell and that's really embarrassing" she honestly quipped.

She promptly recovered, thanking her family and her team. When she walked off the stage, sheer bliss was plastered over the 22-year-old’s face.

Lawrence is Hollywood’s “it” girl, and there’s a perfectly good reason for it: She wants to know where the food is, breaks “manicams,” occasionally drinks too much wine during acceptance speeches and trips when accepting the biggest honor in her profession. Plus, she’s a phenomenal actress who produces great work.