Dara-Lynn Weiss Vogue Body Issue
Dara-Lynn Weiss’ article in Vogue’s Body Issue for April has been dubbed one of the fashion magazine’s worst ever. The mother of 7-year-old Bea took to the pages of Vogue to discuss her daughter’s “childhood obesity” and the “fight” to combat it. Weiss’ article has received fiery criticism for its “new levels of pathos.” Vogue

What better woman to be the face of Vogue's Shape Issue than Jennifer Lopez? The sexy Latina's curves have been worshipped since she first cooed If you had my love back in 1999. Now, a superstar, Jennifer Lopez has becoming something of a media icon. Yes, the triple threat can sing, dance and act; but she also proves her prowess as an American Idol judge, a fashion mogul and a mother of two.

Jennifer Lopez covers the April issue of Vogue magazine, her second Vogue cover following her first appearance in 2005, wearing a flowing red gown and sultry red lipstick. Inside, the 42-year-old is no less sizzling, wearing another red gown belted at the waist to highlight her hourglass figure.

Last year was a big one for Lopez. Though her professional career received a hefty boost, her personal life took a hit when she announced her divorce from third husband, Marc Anthony.

Without going into detail...it's just really, really sad, Lopez told Vogue's Jonathan Van Meter. And look, we are still going through it, and it's emotional sometimes and difficult. We're still friends - and we're parents but it's going to take time. It's tough. But for the most part, I feel very proud of the way we're handling it. I really do. We are doing the best we can for the kids.

This is grown-up stuff. It's real, serious, grown-up stuff, she added.

Of course, the interview touched upon Jennifer Lopez's newest boy-toy, 24-year-old back-up dancer Casper Smart.

Although Lopez did not want to get into specific details, she did gush a bit. He's adorable. But you already see that, she said. He's a good egg. I don't want to talk about it too much. It's my private thing.

However, their relationship is anything but private as Lopez is one of the most photographed A-listers around. She and Smart have been seen frolicking on beaches, dining in fancy restaurants and canoodling almost everywhere they go.

Jennifer Lopez might not have wanted to talk about her love life with Casper Smart, but her longtime manager Benny Medina had some things to say. The thing that I always sort of wished is that she would give herself time to just naturally meet someone, instead of having obsessive guys pursue her, said Medina. He has seen Lopez through a slew of relationships, including Ojani Noa, Diddy, Chris Judd, Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony.

The ease with which that obsession becomes a relationship I think sometimes works against her ability to have a real meaningful relationship. And she never half does anything. When she commits to anything in her work, her life, or her relationships, she is in it, he told Vogue.

She's not oblivious to her own reality right now, as in, 'Damn, I'm 42 with a 24-year-old. Why?' Medina said.

We talked about it yesterday. She was just like, 'It's not even the age, Benny. It's that I just came out of a relationship where I felt like I was kind of not getting what I needed. And I'm open! So somebody who steps in right now and is actually touching me in a way.' It's very fertile ground.

Rumors of a Jennifer Lopez-Casper Smart wedding spread when a tweet was sent from designer Roberto Cavalli's account that read: Today , Jenifer Lopez. Call me...... She ask me. To create a special dress. For her next weding. ! he appeared to Tweet. Wich color ... Do you advise me. ?

Despite the excitement, this tweet apparently came from a hacker. Cavalli's rep told People magazine that Cavalli's account was hacked and therefore it's completely false.

According to People, Lopez and Anthony, who split last July, have yet to finalize their divorce.

Even though Jennifer Lopez's body and success are coveted by women around the world, she still struggles with insecurity, she told Vogue. I think of myself on that day at the studio on Long Island and how insecure I was about my own talent. I just never really gave myself any credit. And because of that, nobody else did either. You mirror what the world mirrors to you, she said.

On her finger she wears a ring that reads I LOVE ME.

That may sound conceited, but it's not. If you don't love yourself, you can't love anybody else. And I think as women we really forget that. All we want is to be happy, to feel secure, to feel understood. But you can't look for somebody else to do that for you, said Lopez.