Jessica Jones
"Jessica Jones" premiered on Netflix on Friday. Jessica (Krysten Ritter, pictured) will eventually go on to appear in a Marvel-Netflix crossover called "The Defenders." Netflix

Marvel fans everywhere are counting down the hours until the end of their work day so the weekend can begin and they can start binge-watching Netflix's new superhero series "Jessica Jones." The show is the second Marvel series to come to Netflix following "Daredevil" and will eventually lead to a big superhero crossover called "The Defenders."

"Jessica Jones" star Krysten Ritter opened up to Variety about her upcoming show but admitted she doesn't know much about "The Defenders." Her character Jessica will be teaming up with Daredevil (Charlie Cox) and Luke Cage (Mike Colter).

"They don’t really tell me much, but I really looking forward to the Defenders because it will be Mike, and I, and Charlie and I don’t who’s playing the other guy yet, but that’ll be fun," Ritter dished. 'Daredevil’s' a great show, I feel like 'Jessica Jones' is a great show and I feel like they really are tapping into something. It’s also nice to know what you’re going to be doing -- as an actress, that’s rare."

There will be a fourth hero joining "The Defenders" but it is unclear who that will be. It was originally reported that Iron Fist would be the fourth, but some believe the Punisher could be placed in the role.

Marvel Studios' Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada cleared the air with IGN Thursday. “Where did you read these rumors? Oh, they were on the Internet? So they must be true!” Quesada said. However, Quesada did not go into specifics about when the show will come out or if the character will be cast soon.

"Jessica Jones" should keep Marvel fans happy for the time being. The show follows Jessica, who has chosen to leave behind her life as a superhero and become a private investigator. She discovers leaving behind her old life might not be easy, especially after a villain from her past, Zebediah Killgrave (David Tennant), a.k.a. the Purple Man, tries to drag her back in. Killgrave has the ability of mind control and can have people do whatever he wants. An event from the past involving Killgrave still haunts the hero and it will be a big part of her story in Season 1 of the show.

Jessica is the first female Marvel character to lead a show or movie, which Ritter saw as an "exciting" opportunity. She told Variety the show is "thrilling" and her performance is something she's proud of.

"I feel really lucky that everything lined up for me to play her. You know, they’ve been developing this show for a long time. It’s so exciting. I love that I’m not in a superhero costume. It’s great, character-driven television besides being part of the Marvel world," she said.

All 13 episodes of "Jessica Jones" Season 1 is now available to stream on Netflix.