Is Jill Wagner and Kristoffer Polaha’s “Mystery 101” series crossing over with Hallmark’s popular period drama “When Calls the Heart”? The truth has finally been revealed.

Rumors of a possible crossover movie first started circulating in April when Polaha, who was filming Sunday’s “Mystery 101: Playing Dead” at the time, posted an Instagram video of himself on the set of “WCTH.”

“Hey there, Sleuthers, this is Kristoffer Polaha, and I got a little sneak peek for you,” he said in the video. “On our newest ‘Mystery 101,’ Amy [Wagner] and Travis [Polaha] travel back in time, and guess where we solve our next mystery. Take a look.”

After showing off the Jamestown Movie Set in Langley, BC, Canada where “When Calls the Heart” is shot, Polaha continued, “Now, I bet all you Hearties out there recognize this place pretty well. We’ve got some good surprises coming up. Stay tuned.”

A month later, he sort of cleared things up, while raising even more questions, when he shared yet another video from set — this time from the set of the upcoming Hallmark June Weddings flick, “In the Key of Love,” which stars Scott Michael Foster and Laura Osnes.

While Polaha doesn’t star in the film (and doesn’t have any announced cameos in it), he still found himself on the film’s set and filming this Instagram video. He wasn’t alone this time, though. None other than Andrea Brooks, who plays Faith on “When Calls the Heart” and co-stars in this upcoming June Weddings flick, joined Polaha for the video.

In it, Brooks says to him, “I heard you were in my hometown of Hope Valley.”

He replies, “Yeah, I was. I didn’t want to give the wrong impression to people at home, they were hoping for a crossover, but what I’m hoping for,” Polaha says while referring to being with Brooks right then and there, “is a little bit of a universe coming together sort of thing.”

It seems Polaha was just hopping from Hallmark set to Hallmark set because there were so many around him while he was filming “Mystery 101: Playing Dead,” and it was a good way for him to catch up with some friends, like Brooks.

So, does this mean Sunday’s second installment of his and Wagner’s mystery franchise won’t take place in Hope Valley? International Business Times asked Wagner to clear the air during a recent interview.

“Well, okay, let me give you the truth about all that. Yes, we were there, but we were not filming on their set,” she told IBT. “Kris Polaha took it upon himself to tease the fans, but what he didn’t understand is — I need to teach him a little bit about social media. I’m like, ‘If you tease the fans, then, at the end, you have to give them something good, you can’t just tease the fans to tease them.’ But the good part about what he did was he did get a lot of press for the show. I will give him that.”

mystery 101 wcth crossover explained
Kristoffer Polaha and Jill Wagner’s “Mystery 101” isn’t crossing over with Erin Krakow’s “When Calls the Heart.” Yet. Crown Media / Kailey Schwerman; Crown Media / Eike Schroter

She continued, “He just thought it would be funny to do that, but he said, ‘Oh, nobody will even pay attention.’ And then everybody paid attention, and I was like, ‘Look what you’ve gotten yourself into, Mr. Polaha.’ And he was like, ‘Oh no, what do I do now?’

“I just said, ‘I don't know. You got yourself in this pickle, you’re gonna have to get yourself out.’ I wanted to say something, but he actually — it was funny because he really, really did get our show a lot of press by doing that. So, oddly enough, it might’ve been brilliant.

The whole thing ended up being a big tease, but could a crossover between “Mystery 101” and “When Calls the Heart,” which recently wrapped up Season 6 and begins airing Season 7 next year, actually happen down the road?

“You never know,” Wagner said. “Here’s the funny thing: When the fans voice — when they say they want something, Hallmark listens. So, you never know. I mean, just from him doing that, we could actually go back in time and film one of these things.”

For now, “Mystery 101: Playing Dead,” which debuts on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT, features Detective Travis Burke and college professor Amy Winslow solving a crime in the present. That could all change in the future, though, if “the fans really, really want that” crossover movie to happen.