The United States Department of Agriculture sent out a warning Monday cautioning consumers against eating certain frozen sausage products. A specific run of Jimmy Dean sausage links have been recalled because they were contaminated with tiny pieces of metal, according to the USDA’s press release.

CTI Foods recalled more than 29,000 pounds of Jimmy Dean sausages after the contamination was discovered. Specifically, the recall affected Jimmy Dean pork and turkey sausage links with a use-by date of Jan. 31.

There were several complaints from customers about metal shavings in the sausage links on Monday, prompting the recall and USDA warning. There have been no reports of serious, adverse effects from consuming the sausage but the USDA advised anyone who has concerns to contact a medical professional.

The USDA wants those who have the contaminated sausage to get rid of it.

This is not the first major food contamination of the holiday season. The Center for Disease Control warned U.S. residents not to eat romaine lettuce due to an E. coli outbreak at the end of November.