Jodi Arias, portrayed by the prosecution as a jealous ex-girlfriend who stalked Travis Alexander for months until she finally murdered him in June 2008 while he was taking a shower, continued testifying in her own defense Tuesday.

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The couple dated only for a few months, but the 32-year-old defendant said they continued to meet up for sex.

In a shocking movie, Arias took the defense stand Monday, where the soft-spoken model described her life from an abusive childhood up until the day she admitted to killing Alexander, she says in self-defense.

"Did you kill Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008?" defense attorney Kirk Nurmi asked Monday.

"Yes I did," Arias replied in a soft tone. "He attacked me and I defended myself."

She weaved a bizarre story about a life with multiple traumas including being abused by her parents, a boyfriend who believed in vampires, and dropping out of high school to support herself.

Jurors may be wary of Arias’ testimony considering she lied to authorities twice regarding Alexander’s death. First she said she knew nothing of the circumstances surrounding his murder and then said two intruders murdered him before ultimately claiming she killed him in self-defense.

On the second day of her testimony, Arias said she purchased a home with her boyfriend Daryl Brewer even though he didn’t want to get remarried.

Once they bought the home, the mortgage went up and she could not afford it anymore, so she began making payments with her credit card.

She was 26 when the house went into foreclosure and was “disenchanted” with her relationship.

Arias talked about multiple career paths she began to explore in 2006, in addition to becoming more "spiritual" and “open-minded.”

On the second day of her testimony Arias continued to wear plain clothes, in addition to appearing in court without makeup. It’s a departure from how she dressed and looked while she was dating Alexander.