• Jodie Sweetin got candid about Bob Saget in a recent interview
  • She recalled an important lesson she learned from her TV dad
  • Sweetin admitted she’s still processing Saget’s passing

Jodie Sweetin learned a thing or two about how to handle loss and grief from her late onscreen dad Bob Saget.

The 40-year-old actress spoke with Entertainment Tonight’s Lauren Zima Monday to promote her new movie, “Just Swipe.” But during the discussion, Sweetin got candid about an important life lesson she had learned from Saget, who passed away last month at the age of 65.

Sweetin shared that even though Saget went through so many difficult things in his life, he managed to emerge from them with a laugh because that’s what his dad also taught him.

“The thing that I keep remembering and I keep saying is that, Bob, he suffered so much loss in his life. His sisters and other siblings that passed before he was born and his parents, there was a lot of loss in Bob's life,” the actress recalled.

The “Fuller House” star continued, “But he walked through it with humor, and he learned that from his dad, Ben. One of the things I just remember [was] him trying to joke and laugh and make those inappropriate jokes at some of the darker things because...otherwise how do you deal with it? How do you process it?”

Sweetin added that the lesson stuck with her through the years. When something bad happens in her life, she said she doesn’t let it weigh her down. “I deal with things through laughter or maybe I don’t deal with things,” she said.

Sweetin was only 5 years old when she first met Saget and worked with him on the hit TV show “Full House.” Through the years, the actress considered her co-star an important figure in her life aside from being her father in front of the cameras.

When she learned of the actor’s death on Jan. 9, Sweetin admitted that it was tough for her. She even told NBC’s Joe Fryer in a virtual interview this week that she’s still processing Saget’s passing to this day.

“The first couple weeks were really hard. It was such a shock. As you can see in my office, I have reminders of him everywhere. Every day he’s just part of my life,” she said.

 Jodie Sweetin
"Fuller House" star Jodie Sweetin donned a rose print gown by Sherri Hill, styled with a black moto jacket.  Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images