Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden continues to maintain a strong lead over incumbent Donald Trump, according to polls released on Monday. Surveys by CBS/YouGov and Harvard/Harris both show Biden leading Trump by 10 points.

The CBS/YouGov poll shows Biden at 51% support, with Trump coming in at 41%. The Harvard-Harris survey has Biden at 55%, with Trump at 45%.

The poll numbers come as the U.S. continues to deal with rising COVID-19 cases. States continue to implement restrictions to prevent the spread of infection, with Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear on Monday closing bars and limiting indoor restaurant capacity.

As Trump’s poll numbers continue to sag, he seems to have become more concerned about the outbreak. Trump said last week during a press briefing that the nation’s outbreak “will get worse before it gets better.”

Biden continues to hammer Trump on his response to the pandemic, claiming Trump has “waved the white flag.” He has sought to convey a message of unity as the United States deals with one of its worst health crises in history.

The impact of the coronavirus on the nation’s economy could also be hurting Trump’s numbers in the polls. About 30 million American workers are collecting unemployment benefits amid the pandemic, as the virus devastates the economy. Congress will discuss another COVID-19 relief package, but Democrats and Republicans have remained far apart on specifics. Trump would like an extensive package to boost the economy before the election, but some conservative Republicans are wary of more public spending.

While there are fewer than 100 days left until Election Day, the two candidates have yet to accept their party's nomination and have not debated one another. Biden is expected to pick his running mate by August.