• John Mayer sees himself becoming a parent in his 50s just like his dad
  • The singer is ready to have his own family after accomplishing many things
  • Mayer didn't want to start a family when he was still exploring himself

John Mayer is thinking of settling down because he has already accomplished the things he wanted to do as a single man.

Mayer, 43, spoke with Andy Cohen on SiriusXM's "Radio Andy" and got candid about his future plans and music. During their conversation, Mayer admitted that there's one thing on his bucket list that he wants to accomplish and that's having his own family.

"There's one thing left and that's wife and kids," he was quoted by E! News as saying. "That would complete all of it, and I thought about this as recently as last night. 'Cause my brothers are both married and have children."

Although the "Your Body Is a Wonderland" crooner is already in his 40s and is thinking of settling down, he made it clear that he is not in a rush to find someone to build a family and home with. His dad had him when he was already 50 years old and he sees himself becoming a parent at about the same age. However, he also noted that he is ready to be a family man because he has already accomplished the things he had on his mind.

"I think the age is not determined by anything other than when you think you're done needing things from the world for just you. I've come to a point in my life where, with this stuff, I'm not fatigued completely, but...I definitely explored the life of what can be done for me by me," he added. "I would never want to have a wife and kids while I was still investigating what's out there for me to be explored by me."

In the same interview, Cohen asked Mayer if he wondered if his exes songs' were about him. Mayer dated a number of pop stars including Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Halsey. He also dated Jessica Simpson in 2006 after her divorce from Nick Lachey. Mayer's ex-girlfriends also include Jennifer Aniston, Minka Kelly, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

"I don't think it's a dirty admission. Sometimes, a song is so good, I go, 'Man, I hope that's about me,'" he shared.

For Mayer, there are certain relationships that "go into this legacy category, where they're no longer jangling your nerves or making you upset." He admitted that he checks everyone's music and he is a fan. He has no bad blood with his exes and would be flattered if they wrote a chart-topping tune about him.

John Mayer John Mayer performs at Viejas Arena on Sept. 11, 2019 in San Diego, California. Photo: Daniel Knighton/Getty Images